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How to Cut Back a Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle is a beautiful flowering tree that blooms on new wood. 

For more flowers, as well as a stronger plant, prune it in late winter to early spring. If you don't prune at all, the photo on the bottom left shows how last year's seed pods remain on the plant after it leafs out.

Trace back from the tip of a stem to where it meets a branch, and make a cut about 6 inches above this intersection. New branches will emerge just below the cut. If it's an established tree, remove suckers from the base. Done each spring, the tree will produce lots beautiful blooms and maintain an attractive shape.

Crape Myrtle without pruning Crape Myrtle-pruned properly

Without pruning, old seed pods detract
from the 
new foliage and flowers

Pruning crape myrtle creates 
stronger branches and more flowers
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