David Austin’s Fragrant English Shrub Roses - 2015

David Austin Gertrude Jekyll



Rose Variety Size Color Smell
Abraham Darby 5'x5' Shades of apricot and yellow tinted pink Rich fruity fragrance
The Alnwick Rose 3.5'x5' Rich pink cups Rich old rose with raspberry notes
Boscobel 3'x2.5'  Rich salmon coloring, start as red buds.  Good myrrh fragrance
Carding Mill 4'x3.5' Shades of pink, apricot, and yellow Myrrh fragrance
Charlotte 4'x3' Soft yellow Strong tea rose fragrance
Claire Austin 4.5'x4' Pale yellow buds, opening to creamy white Strong myrrh,with dashes of meadowsweet, vanilla, & heliotrope
Crown Princess Margareta 5'x4.5' Apricot-orange paling to soft yellow Strong fruity tea fragrance
Crocus Rose 4'x3' Soft apricot center Light tea rose fragrance
Darcey Bussell 3'x2' Rich deep crimson coloring Fruity fragrance
Evelyn 4'x3' Soft apricot tinged soft pink Old rose with hints of apricots and peaches
Falstaff 4'x3.5' Rich dark crimson aging with shades of rich purple Powerful old world rose fragrance
Gentle Hermione 4'x3' Pure pink paling to a soft blush Old rose scent with hint of myrrh
Gertrude Jekyll 5'x3 1/2' Rich pink Very fragrant old rose scent
Golden Celebration 4.5'x4.5' Rich golden yellow Strong tea fragrance with hints of citrus or lychee
Graham Thomas 5'x4' Rich pure yellow Tea rose fragrance
Heathcliff 4'x3' Deep crimson colored rose   Tea rose, old rose and hint of cedar
Heritage 5'x4' Clear pink centers almost white outer petals Fruit, honey, and carnation fragrance
James Galway 5'x4' Warm pink center soft pink outer Old Rose fragrance
Jubilee Celebration 4'x4' Rich pinks with tints of gold Fruity fresh lemon and raspberry
Lady of Shallott 4'x3 1/2' Apricot, salmon pink, and pale yellow Fragrance tea and myrrh
The Lark Ascending 5'x3' Light apricot color Tea & old rose fragrance 
Molineux 3'x2' Rich yellow coloring Tea fragrance with musky background
Mumstead Wood 3'x2 1/2' Deep velvety crimson Strong Old rose fragrance
Port Sunlight 5'x3' Rich shade of apricot Rich tea fragrance
Scepter'd Isle 4'x2 1/2' Soft pale pink Myrrh fragrance
Snow Goose 8-10' (rambler) White pom-pom flowers Musk rose fragrance
Sophy's Rose 3'x2 1/2' Light red moving to a deep pink Light tea fregrance
Sophy's Rose STD Tree Light red moving to a deep pink Light tea fragrance
Strawberry Hill 4'x4' Pure rose pink Myrrh with hint of lemon
Tranquillity 5'x3' tinged yellow buds open to pure white Light Apple fragrance
William Shakespeare 4'x3' Rich velvety crimson changing to rich purple  Strong warm old rose fragrance
Young Lycidas 4'x3' Blend of deep magenta, pink & red Tea and old rose fragrance

Weeks Roses Ready for Planting Now

Weeks - Julia Child

What’s New for 2015

Make black spot a thing of the past with Week’s Easy-To-Love Roses
Cinco De Mayo Floribunda Smoky lavender & rusty red-orange blend. Moderate sweet apple fragrance
Easy Does It Floribunda Mango, peach & apricot blend. Moderate fruity fragramce
Easy Going Floribunda Golden peachy yellow. Moderate fragrance
*NEW* Take It Easy  Floribunda/Shrub Red with lighter reverse. White center. Slight tea fragrance
Livin' Easy Floribunda Apricot orange. Disease resistanat.  Moderate fragrance 
Hot Cocoa Floribunda Smoky chocolate orage with purple tones. Moderate fragrance
Julia Child Floribunda Butter gold. Strong fragrance

Grandiflora & Hybrid Teas

Two of the most popular classes of rose bushes grown!

*NEW* Neil Diamond Hybrid Tea Pink with white stripes. Intense spicy sweet fragrance 

*NEW* Downton Abbey "Anna's Promise"


Golden tan with pink blush, coppery reverse on petals.Sweet and spicy fragrance

Twilight Zone Grandiflora Amethyst purple velvet color. Clove and lemon fragrance
Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea Large coral/red/prange blooms. Strong sweet old rose fragrance
Good As Gold Hybrid Tea Deep orange/gold/amber in color. Grapefruit fragrance
Happy Go Lucky Hybrid Tea Pure even yellow. Best disease resistant. Moderate fruity fragrance
Coretta Scott King Grandiflora Creamy blush buds with coral and orange as they open. Excellent disease resistance. Moderate fragrance
Crimson Bouquet Grandiflora Bold and brilliant crimson/scarlet/red. Slight fragrance
Crescendo Hybrid Tea Upright medium size bush. Creamy white blush pink. Strong spicy fragrance
Chrysler Imperial Hybrid Tea Velvety dark red. Rich strong fragrance
Sugar Moon Hybrid Tea Powerful and large pure white blooms. Intense citrus rose fragrance
Henry Fonda Hybrid Tea Deep yellow blooms. Disease resistant. Light sweet fragrance
Mellow Yellow Hybrid Tea Big blossoms of clear yellow. Moderately fruity fragrance
Peace Hybrid Tea Huge blossoms with a blend of lemony yellow and pink. Mild fruity fragrance
Miss All-American Beauty Hybrid Tea Brilliant hot-pink large blooms. Sweet rose fragrance
Memorial Day Hybrid Tea Orchid pink with strong, damask rose fragrance
About Face Grandiflora Golden-orangey inside/bronzy-red out
Double Delight Hybrid Tea Cream blushing red
Dream Come True Grandiflora Golden yellow, edged & blushed with ruby
Firefighter Hybrid Tea Dusky velvet red
First Prize Hybrid Tea Swirled hues of rose pink
Gold Metal Grandiflora Golden yellow suffused orange
Grande Dame Hybrid Tea Super saturated rose pink
Ink Spots Hybrid Tea Blackened velvety red
John F. Kennedy Hybrid Tea White
Lasting Love Hybrid Tea Dusky red
Legends Hybrid Tea Ruby red
Mellow Yellow Hybrid Tea Clear pure yellow
Mister Lincoln Hybrid Tea Velvety deep red
Oregold Hybrid Tea Deep yellow-gold
Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea Pure White
Rio Samba Hybrid Tea Blushing yellow
St. Patrick Hybrid Tea Yellow gold shaded green


Floribunda roses as a class are small-to-medium-sized shrubs accented with a cluster of colorful, medium-sized flowers.

*NEW* Doris Day Floribunda Pure golden yellow. Strong, sweet spicy fragrance
Drop Dead Red Floribunda Red Velvet
Ebb Tide Floribunda Smoky deep plum purple
Jump for Joy Floribunda Peacy pink blossoms. Mild apple fragrance
Ketchup & Mustard Floribunda Ketchup red/Mustard yellow bicolor
Love Song Floribunda Clear lavender
Mardi Gras Floribunda Blended yellow, orange, & pink
Moondance Floribunda Creamy white
Oh My! Floribunda Deep velvet red
Pumpkin Patch Floribunda Carmel orange
Shockwave Floribunda Pure neon yellow
Sparkle & Shine Floribunda Sparkling clear yellow
Tuscan Sun Floribunda Deep apricot orange
Vavoom Floribunda Orange-juice orange


Climbing roses add architectural beauty to any garden landscape with their ability to climb, cover, and sculpt.

Don Juan Climber Deep velvety red. Strong rose fragrance
*NEW* Above All Climber Salmon-orange blend. Continous bloomer
New Dawn Climber Hardy and vigorous large pale blooms. Sweet rose fragrance
Joseph’s Coat Climber Multicolors of red, pink, orange and yellow. Light tea fragrance
Cecile Brunner Climber Old fashioned rose with large clusters of blooms. Moderate fragrance
Royal Gold Climber Deep golden yellow. Moderate to strong fruity fragrance


Garden miniatures roses are 16 months old, bare-root plants that typically grow to 24”-30” petite bushes.

*NEW* Top of the World Miniature/Climber Orange and yellow bi-color. Blooms Spring to Fall
All A’Twitter Miniature Twinkling brillant orange
Lemon Drop Miniature Lemonade yellow
Rainbow’s End Miniature Deep yellow blushing to orange-red
Ruby Ruby Miniature Cherry Red
Tiddlywinks Miniature Orange pink & glowing yellow bicolor
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