By growing your own fruit tree, you can enjoy easy access to fresh produce, save money, add beauty to your yard, and develop eco-friendly gardening habits. Their lovely flowers in spring and cooling shade in the hot summer months are a bonus to their delicious fruit production. Plus, growing your own is good for the environment. Fruit trees filter the air, condition the soil, attract pollinators for other trees and plants and reduce the transportation impact of store-bought products.

We hope you enjoy our 2014 Fruit Tree Selection Guide:

*Some varieties may not be available until late spring or summer. These are best planted in the fall.

Cherries - Sweet
Burdundypearl Self-fertile with heavy production Flavorful/productive. Ripens early dark skin and red flesh
Blackgold Self-fertile,with heavy production Late blooming/sweet cherry Black/Red skin 1" fruit
Sweetheart Self-fertile,hardy,disease resistance Early-mid Season Good quality Dark Red Med/Large Fruits
Cherries - Tart
Stark Montmorency Self-fertile, with heavy production Ripens late June-early July Bright red flesh, yellow fruit
North Star Self-fertile,hardy,disease resistance Extended Ripening/ Dwarf Dark red skin/flesh
Van Requires pollinator Nearly black skin
Bing Requires pollinator large dark fruit
Stella Self-fertile, vigorous producer Dark red skin/flesh
Meteor Super hardy, dwarf 8-12' tart cherry self pollinating Resistant to leaf spot and shows resistance to sunscald and birds due to heavy foliage Fruit similar to Montmorency
Apple Trees
Liberty Field immune to scab, rust, fire blight. Needs 2 pollinators. Wolf River or crabapples Early-mid season variety Slightly tart, nearly white flesh is crisper than McIntosh
Redfree Disease resistant Early ripens mid Aug Red color. Firm/good texture
Stark Supreme Staymared A crack resistant Stayman Winesap Early-mid season Needs 2 varieties
Granny Smith Popular multipurpose apple Mid-Late bloom (low chilling) Large and heavy producers
Wolf River Disease resistant. Discovered in 1875, this apple is creamy soft white flesh. Pollinates with Candy Crisp and Gala.Good to plant for wildlife Very Hardy Discovered in 1875
Gold Rush Self-sterile, needs a pollination
Stark Spur Winesap Needs a pollinator. Triplod; cannot pollinate other apple trees. Start bearing at an earlier age. Ripens in mid October Spicy, tart flavor has been compared to wine.
Red Delicious Mid season bloom
Brookfield Gala An improved Gala; may be harvested in two picks. Pollinates with Wolf River
Candycrisp Clear golden yellow fruit, firm juicy texture. Pollinates with Wolf River No disease problems noted and appears to be Fire Blight resistant
Stark Ultragold A flavor to match Golden Delicious. Ripens Late Stores well. A russet-resistant Golden
Enterprise Flesh is creamy, crisp and aromatic. Stores well in refrigeration. Pollinates with Wolf River Disease resistance noted
Peach Trees
New Flamin Fury Ball White Resistant to bacterial spot Early season fruit Sweet flavor, texture & quality
Blushingstar Resistant to bacterial spot Excellent flavor and storage
Stark Encore Resistant to bacterial spot Late season fruit Freestone, large fruit
New Flamin Fury Legendary Resistant to bacterial spot Late season fruit Sweet flavor, Good color, high yields
Flordaking Self pollinating early mid season Low chill hours
Elberta Self pollinating Mid to late Sept
Stark Ovation Resistant to bacterial spot/trunk canker Late Season large crops Cherry red blush over yellow skin.
Flamin'fury Pf11 Resistant to bacterial spot Beautiful Mid Season Freestone fruits, excellent flavor
Redgold Crack resistant High yields Freestone with rich flavor
Red Senation Bartlett Self Fruitful- Bright red color Matures Late aug Good sugar content
Moonglow Pollinator required Matures early Sept Good resistance to fire blight
Kieffer Self fruitful. Grows in a wide range Matures Oct Immune to fire blight
Olympic Giant Round Asian with excellent flavor Matures Oct Resistant to pear leaf spot
Bartlett Self Fruitful most popular variety Matures Late aug Fire Blight can be a problem
20Th Century Asian Pear Round yellow skinned firm fruit. Pollinate with Bartlett, Housi or Chojuro More resistance than European pears
Stark Honey Sweet Pear Round yellow skinned firm fruit. Pollinate with Bartlett, Housi or Chojuro More resistance than European pears
Bubblegum Plum Strong pollinator/needs a pollinator Ripens in July Very hardy & heavy bearer
Damson Plum Self Fruitful hardy and heavy bearer Ripens in Aug Bluish-purple golden yellow flesh
Santa Rosa Plum Self pollinating, vigorous, spreading Ripens in July Reddish-purple skin yellow flesh
Flavor Supreme Pluot Plum/Apricot Pollinate with Santa Rosa Plum Ripens in July purple skin red sweet flavorful
Yates American Persimmon Pollinate with Prok Ripens in Sept, Indiana fast growing, disease resistant
Prok American Persimmon Pollinate with Yates Ripens in Sept Larger fruit, self pollinating.
Pawpaw American Tastes like Banana Ripens in Sept 30-50’ tall fast growing
Prolific Pawpaw Heavy bearer Ripens early Partial Shade, 15-20’ tall & wide
Wison Delicious Self-pollinating Ripens in early July Heavy bearing,firm,golden orange fruit
Harglow Self-pollinating, disease resistant Ripens in early July Medium-size,freestone productive
Brown Turkey Self-pollinating ripens mid July Whitish pulp to pinkish- red; few seeds
Black Mission Self-pollinating Ripens late Summer
Ischia Common Fig Self-pollinating, bird resistant Yellowish-Green Skin, 4-5’ tall and wide
Improved Brown Turkey Self-pollinating
Russian Hardy Fruit is grapefruit size ripens in the fall 10’ x 12’
Stark Bountiful White walnut slow growing 60’ x 50’