With the most beautiful blooms, camellias are available in many shapes, sizes and colors. There are even fragrant varieties. Easy to grow outdoors in zone 7 to 10, they form decorative displays anywhere in your garden or patio. Below is a list of varieties we normally have in stock. If you are looking for a particular variety please call to make sure it’s on hand otherwise we can try to order it for you.

Camellias are generally planted in the late fall through the early spring although they may be set out any month of the year if properly cared for.

Mine-no-yuki “Snow on the Mountain” (Sasanqua) Large pure white cultivar with semi-double bloom. Heavy bloomer. Growth is vigorous. 4-5 ft. tall and wide
Bonanza (Sasanqua) Rich scarlet semi-double blooms. Perfect for cuttings. Moderate growing 4-5 ft tall
Kanjiro (Sasanqua) Stunning cerise-pink. Mid-season bloomer. Slight fragrance. Semi-double bloom with golden stamen. Moderate growing 8-10 ft. tall and wide
Yuletide (Sasanqua) Single fire-red blooms, centered with bright yellow stamens. Grows 8-10 ft. tall
Usubene (Sasanqua) Soft pink flower with occasional white marbling. Double rose formed blooms. Blooms early season. Grows 4-5 ft. tall and wide
Susy Dirr (Sasanqua) Blooms Sept-Oct bright bubble-gum pink double formal blooms. Grows 8-12 tall and 5-7 ft. wide.
Sparkling Burgundy (Sasanqua) Showy, peony-like, ruby-red flowers from early to mid-winter. Grows 6-7 ft. tall and 7-8 ft. wide.
Shi Shi Gashiri “Lion’s Head” (Sasanqua) Deep pink double blooms in mid to late fall season. Can reach up to 5 ft. tall.
Pink Snow (Japonica) Blooms are semi-double and soft pink with deeper shaded edges. Grows 10-12 ft. tall.
April Tryst (Japonica) Nicely shaped plant with bright red anemone formed flowers. Mid-late season bloomers
Fire and Ice (Japonica) Semi-double, vivid scarlet in color. Grows 10-12 ft. tall.
Mrs. Bernice Boddyv (Japonica) Semi-double, pale pink flowers. Grows 10-12 ft. tall
Dr Tinsley (Japonica) Puts forth flowers varying from a semi-double or formal double, in a warm white, flushed with pale pink. Grows 10-12 ft. tall.
Spring Cardinal (Japonica) Crimson red, formal double flowers from early to mid-season.


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