Each season Stanley’s introduces new plants to the East Tennessee market, and Spring 2015 is no exception. Growing annuals ourselves, on site, gives us this option.

A sampling of new and exciting annuals includes the following. 

Rowe Red Banana PlantFor the exotic tropical plant lover, Dwarf Cavendish and Rowe Red banana trees and Xanthosoma Lime Zinger (chartreuse elephant ear). 

Other colorful foliage annuals to brighten the garden such as Perilla Magilla Vanilla received rave reviews at the UT Trial Gardens last year.

Coleus continue its resurgence in popularity, and this year we are adding to our usual super selection with Fishnet Stockings, Golda, Emerald & Snow, and Pink Chaos.

With novelty geraniums, the gardener can have both interesting foliage as well as unique flowers. We will have three new additions; White Mesh, Solo, and Persian Queen.

Million Bells CalibrachoaAttracting butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden adds an element of life and motion as well as being just plain fun to watch.

Nectar-rich flowers are the answer, and particularly useful and new this year are Million Bells Calibrachoa, Superbells Peach and Superbells Plum. These are hummingbirds’ favorites. 

Pentas and Lantana are hard to beat for the hot summer days and butterflies love them. New pentas include Monarch Bright White and Violet.

Lantana Tropical Fruit is a new variety, sure to bring the butterflies all summer long and even into the fall.

Cuphea Flamenco TangoCuphea is a genus that is receiving a lot of attention lately, with its small orchid-like flowers in abundance. Flamenco Tango has deep pink flowers, and Susan’s Little Gem with small pale, plum flowers, are new this year. These are sure to please the gardener who wants to try something different.

At Stanley’s, gardening is our passion, and to encourage others in this favorite pastime is our goal. Our slogan at Stanley’s is “Our Business Is Growing!” 

Come see us this spring…you will not be disappointed.

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