Herbs for Cooking and Medicinal Purposes

Sprig of fresh spearmintSprigs of fresh spearmintAn herb garden, with careful selection, has it all.

Herbs produce sweet smells, amazing flavors, and most make quite a statement in the landscape. You can’t go wrong with herbs.

This year there are even more outstanding selections to choose from at Stanley's. Starting with basil, we are growing ‘Nufar,’ a large leaf, sweet-scented basil that is also fusarium wilt resistant; ‘Napoletano,’ a basil with a spicy, traditional flavor and ‘Ararat,’ a lovely bi-color basil with a mild classic flavor. This basil also adds beauty to the garden with its dramatic mottled green and purple leaves.

Foliage and blooms of Golden Delicious SalviaWe are also growing ‘Golden Delicious’ Salvia, a beautiful plant with chartreuse foliage and bright red blooms that attract hummingbirds; and ‘Moonlight’ Nasturtium, a great addition to any salad with crinkled petals of soft yellow and a pepper-like flavor.

We are sure to have something for everyone!

All our herbs are grown pesticide-free.

All our herbs are pesticide free

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