Fall: The Best Time to Plant Trees & Shrubs

Fall Color Even Smaller

The question most commonly asked on our tree and shrub lot is whether fall is a good time to plant. The answer is most assuredly YES, and here's why:

  • When the temperature cools in the fall, most trees and shrubs start going through a dormant period. This means that the plants are not producing new growth or flowers which allows them to store and save energy in the root system to be used for growth in the spring and summer.
  • Planting trees and shrubs in the fall gives the plants a better chance for good root development before winter.
  • With cooler weather--and usually more rain--there is less watering and maintenance for the gardener to keep the young plants happy.
  • The survival rate for trees and shrubs is much better with fall planting than in summer or winter--with spring, of course, being another good alternative for tree and shrub planting.

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Why Choose Stanley's?

  • For the quality assurance that only a locally owned grower can provide.
  • All plants purchased at Stanley's are TAX FREE! As one of the areas largest growers, we are exempt from charging sales tax on plants.
  • Because we grow 60 percent of our plants here in Knoxville, we offer plants that are fresher and more acclimated to East Tennessee's unique weather conditions.
  • Growing and propagating our plants on-site reduces our carbon footprint significantly by not having our plants shipped across the country.


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